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Smart Study

10:22 PM 0

Night and day the parents say, 'Read more! Result has to be good this time! ”We are also drowning in hope of getting good results...

Some Study Tips

9:09 PM 0

Forgot what you were reading two days ago. But there were no prayers last Eid, a few years ago during the SSC result, I remember. Even ...

Nur Bhai

8:40 PM 0

When Nur Bhai was a school student, he would sit on the back bench and fix classes.He was a good person.And he was goal keeper of Dhanikh...

Visit our school's website

8:12 AM 0

Today I giving our School's Website in this post. Please visit the site by clicking the link.  Click here  to visit ধানীখোলা উচ্চ বিদ...

Join Our Facebook Group

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Friends,today I giving our Facebook Group link in this post. Please join our group by clicking the link.  Click here  to join our Facebook ...

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